I survived my first Paleo holiday season!

Yes, I did provide a bread basket(gasp!) at our annual Christmas Day open house. Yes, my sister-in-law fell apart when she realized the eggplant parm dinner she bought for Christmas eve contained wheat, and yes, my sister did not send her annual box of homemade cookies to us due to our ” gluten issues”. But, other than those few moments, I managed to eat, drink AND most important, be merry! And the key to being merry my Paleo friends, is to bring your own booze and food items with enough to share wherever the holidays take you.
Like what items you may ask? How about scallops wrapped in bacon? Or a bottle of 100% agave tequila (from the NH State Liquor Store ’cause you can’t beat the prices!) and fresh limes? How does butternut squash soup sound? Homemade meatballs? Spinach salad with bacon, walnuts and blueberries? Almond ice cream with dairy-free chocolate chips? I think you get the idea……

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