About me: Johanna True

I am a “BabyBoomer” (1963) who recently discovered that I was highly gluten intolerant/sensitive for the past 50 years.   I have discovered a whole new way of finding, storing, preparing and eating mostly local foods.   Over the past 20 years I have been a “frequent flyer” at 3 main local farm stands.  Despite my devotion to farm fresh foods and exercise, I slowly began to feel very sick and weak. My thyroid had been likely malfunctioning for years and my joints ached all the time. I ate very little bread but still ate cereals, pasta, rice and corn.  In 2014 I began taking a thyroid medicine to address my hypothyroid disease (aka Hashimoto’s) and started to feel slightly better: not as sleepy or sensitive to cold temperatures, dry skin cleared up and neck pain reduced. However, I experienced profound health benefits and dramatic changes in my body when I made the decision to try a Paleolithic diet which is grain-free. My blog will hopefully inspire you to go on your own “Paleo Adventure”!

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